At 9b, we believe in preserving the Earth and its health.

Being able to relax surrounded by greens and the calming sound of nature is a precious asset that must be safeguarded.

That is why we have created a place where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of nature without giving up the comforts of the modern age. In our own small way, we have tried to find solutions that combine eco-sustainability with total relaxation.

The entire structure is powered by sustainable energy sources, guaranteed by two photovoltaic systems of the latest generation.

The electric floor heating guarantees a homogeneous and optimal distribution of heat, heating the entire structure and minimizing waste. We commit to waste recycling by using waste separation bins. In addition, all our bubble bath and water bottles are made of glass, an easily recyclable material.

We have also installed an electric car charging station, so that electric car owners can reach our structures with their environmentally friendly vehicles.